Ñanqha jaqinaka

Yaqhip chiqanakanx akham jiwasanakar lurasipkakistuwa…saykatasipkakiñäni, jaiw atipayasiñasakiti. Aka ñanqha jaqinakax jan chuymaniw usuchjapxistu. [1]

Let’s propose some translation:

Yaqhip chiqanakanx (in other places) akham jiwasanakar lurasipkakistuwa… (they do like this to us…) saykatasipkakiñäni, (????) janiw atipayasiñasakiti. (may we not get defeated) Aka ñanqha jaqinakax (this evil people) jan chuymaniw (cold-hearted) usuchjapxistu. (offend us)

What I know:

  • They act on us like this in other places, let’s (???). May we not get defeated. These cold-hearted evildoers offend us.

What I don’t know:

  • Saykataña o saykatasiña: I don’t know what it means. Maybe it has something to do with sayaña (to get up).

I was finally taught:

  • saykataña: “fight, confront, resist, ‘stop the car'” [2]

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